(Officially) Fix https://vev.io/pair Kodi Stream Authorization Solution

Official https://vev.io/pair: Kodi is a free and open-source entertainment hub and media player that a user can install on Linux, Android, IOS, and windows. Formerly it was known as XBMC. It allows the user to view and play music, videos, and other digital media from local storage as well as network storage, but it does not provide media itself. The user has to provide its own content to Kodi or manually connect it to third party media.

You can know alsoVshare.eu/pair

Fix https://vev.io/pair Kodi Stream Authorization Solution

As there are numerous users that use Kodi, it creates lots of load on it. So, to stop unwanted traffic, the developers and providers have come up with URL vev.io/pair so that the user can pair the device for stream authorization they can proceed to vev.io-pair.

First of all, the user has to register the IP address of the website before using any kind of service, after this, the user will be permitted to access the content he wants to view for four hours, and after that, it will ask again for Authorisation.

1. Direct authorization solve for vev.lo/pair

This is the simplest method that helps to directly receive the authorization permission from the provider, first of all, the user needs to do is open the web browser and enter the URL vev.io/pair and he’ll be able to view Kodi in the popup window.


After filling the captcha user have to click on activate streaming and he’ll receive the message about IP and service will work for Four hours after activation.

Now the user can enjoy his favorite content for four hours, after that he has to again authorize by entering a VPN and entering a new IP without any issue.


2. Fixing Pair Error in Kodi by Disabling Captcha Hosters

Some users look for Short-cut methods which can be performed in less time. This method is best for disabling the hoster of all add-ons. The user needs to open the Kodi application to disable the hosters with captcha.

  • First of all, the user needs to click the left side and search add-ons from settings, there will be the playback option, and below the playback option, there will be hosters with a captcha that needs to be disabled.
  • Click on the Ok button present on the top right corner of the app and the user is done with this particular method.
  • Other than this VPN is also used to protect identity and security when streaming free movies and shows with Kodi’s third-party add-ons.
  • Revealing the IP Address to anyone can be dangerous. That is why using a VPN when fixing the all pair error in Kodi is extremely important.

Using the mentioned methods, a user can fix the problem with Kodi’s stream authorization. So a user can view his favorite video or listen to the best music either from the storage provided by the user or the storage that is available on a network without any hassles.

3. URL Resolver

  •  Go into settings > Settings for the device.
  • You have to go “Expert Mode”
  •  Select  “Manage Dependencies” from the addon menu at “Kodi Software”.
  •  From the list, Take the “URL Resolver” Option.
  • Click Setup
  • Under Resolvers 1 to resolution, all hosts are available in alphabetical order (# depends on the amount of hoster previously scraped).
  • Choose any Captchahosters.
  • I choose and disable THE VIDEO.
  • In this way, all hosters must be disabled by captcha.
  • One scraper won’t cut THE VIDEO after doing this.

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