https// – How to Create Trakt tv Account & Activate

It is the entertainment application that can be installed and downloaded on all Android supported devices. Trakt.Tv is the popular media tracking application that helps to synchronize the users all their movies, TV shows across numerous devices and platforms. It is one of the best applications that provide the process too much across multiple platforms that includes cinema APK, Kodi, Netflix, cyberflix, Plex, and more.

Trakt.Tv has the ability to synchronize automatically to the above services. It is the greatest and attractive app that has up-to-date information about movies and your favorite shows.

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How to register for


  • Initially go to Trakt.Tv link. This process will help you easily register for your application.

https// – Create Trakt tv Account & Activate

  • Here you will have a free button to join for free and it is user-friendly.
  • In this type add your username, email id, and password in each and every field to enter into Trakt.Tv.
  • It is the easiest process you can join Trakt.Tv app.
  • After finalizing the privacy terms and policy just click the box to agree to the conditions and you can join Trakt.Tv.


  • Then you can personalize your data by typing the preferred location, name, and display in which you have to select your gender, birth date.
  • Next just select your favorite gender in this application and you can add your favorite movies and TV shows in your profile.

TRAKT TV ACTIVATE https// Create Trakt tv Account & Activate

  • In this application, you can easily collect and mark the items in which you want the club to watch a list of items easily.
  • In the next step, you can easily activate through social media. You can also share your experience while using this application and preferability.
  • The next step you will have the notification to follow your comments and you can easily track your account.
  • Then click to continue with the dashboard. Your favorite application is ready to use and you can enjoy it by watching your favorite shows and movies at any time.
  • You can also click to like a list in which you will easily receive the updates regularly which is one of the additional options available.
  • Now your account is ready and you can enjoy the application. The registration is completed you can easily link with your favorite streaming services.
  • is the easiest and simple process and this is one of the attractive application

Usage of Trakt.Tv

It is one of your favorite applications after integrating Trakt. Tv you can easily add your favorite add-ons that are ready to use in the software. It is the software completely used for personal purpose and you can easily access it is user-friendly. There are lots of collections that are available and many more episodes are left to view.

There are many more advanced options that are available in this application you can manage it to use it easily. Popular features are added to this application easily you can watch popular and trending categories and TV shows before telecasting on TV.

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