Kodi Streaming Authorization Error Solution (Updated)

The is a very popular video server that holds the database of many movies, videos, and television shows. It is a cross-platform video sharing website that enables users to upload any videos and share them online. is essentially the short kind of “video share”. So as to stop the spamming or overloading of the server, the developers started asking to pair your device with to access the contents.

Various Kodi add-ons like Covenant, Exodus, Nemesis, Neptune Rising, Placenta, etc. are using web servers to scraps the contents from there using Python and other scripting language codes. Whenever you click on any streaming link which is obtainable by this server, you will be asked to pair your IP address and a message will appear like this stream authorization.

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The common error you receive while watching or streaming the movies on Kodi software is error.  You can follow the below listed three methods to get rid of error. They are Using URL Resolver, Hosters with Captchas, and Stream Authorization.

What is

All the Kodi users are allowed to access the best server ( by pairing with their IP address. This server contains more than 800 millions of TV shows, music, and videos. They also regularly update TV shows and movies on a daily basis. Only for four hours of duration, you are limited to watch your favorite movies or TV shows. If you wish to watch videos on Kodi software then you need to pair your device again with your IP address. If you have any debris account with then you can use the service like NetFlix.

All those Kodi users, who are using free VPN are recommended to shop for a premium VPN which supports faster streaming. Free VPN usually offers dynamic IP, which suggests every couple of minutes you’ll be allocated a brand new IP address. During this case, you cannot ready to fix stream authorization error on Kodi.

We are getting to pair our Kodi device with the Vshare EU pair now. But before we’ll be going for it, just let me say some important words about Kodi! In recently the Kodi users are increased a lot. Why because the Kodi can allow any third-party addons to look at their favorite videos that would be won’t to get information or to induce some entertainment? Whatever it’s going to be. Server is one among the best servers and it contains 800 many movies and television shows and that they update daily like latest movies and television shows.

Following 4 Methods Available to get error:

  1. Stream Authorization
  2. Using URL Resolver
  3. Hosters With Captchas
  4. Fair Firestick

Method 1: How to Fix https // error On Kodi With Stream Authorization Method

  • You can follow the below to resolve the stream authorization issue with error.
  • We suggest you connect through VPN service (for a better experience) to avoid any copyright-related issues. We recommend using Expressvpn service (if you prefer for a Paid subscription) or HOAX VPN service (for a free trial). Pairing reveals your original “IP address” to the content provider. That is the reason we are strongly recommended that you use a VPN before pairing so that your real IP address will be hidden. I personally use ExpressVPN to keep my streaming activities anonymous and We Highly suggest you do the same. There are available huge discounts offers on ExpressVPN. You can check Express VPN Full Review and Buy from this direct link. it will be very helpful to you.

Hoxx VPN

  • Please access your Kodi software and click on Add-ons. Vshare pair

  • You need to choose Vshare from the option Different Servers. You will get a pop-window named To play this Video Stream Authorization required.


  • You need to fix some Captchas while accessing the https://vshare. eu/pair website.

  • For each and every device, you will get a unique IP address. Please make a note of the provided IP address of your device.

To connect with VShare EU Pair IP address, click on Pair option and select Active Streaming. You will get a pop-up window stating “Your Device Paired successfully”.

  • Please note that you need to perform the above-provided steps every four hours (duration limitation to watch TV shows or movies).

Method 2: Using URL Resolver

  • You can follow this method to fix all of your URL related issues that are running at the background of the Kodi software and support “add-ons” URL Resolver Method

  • Please access your Kodi software and click on the Settings option. url resolver proces

  • Please change to Expert Mode under Systems Settings.
  • Choose “Addon” and click on Manage Dependencies. pair

  • Then you should enable “Unknown Sources” Option

Vshare Unknown Sources

  • Come back “Settings Option” and Then go, “File Manager
  • url resolver
  • After, Choose “Add Source” Option

vshare eu pair  

  • Then, Click on “None” Option and enter the paths (better to Copy this URL “
  • you have to enter “TV” to enter a name for this media source column

Vshare eu pair

  • Select the option “URL Resolver” and choose Configure. Please select “Vshare EU Pair” from the list of resolvers and disable it.

Method 3: Hosters with Captchas

  • Please follow the second method “Hosters with Captchas” to fix the error.
  • Please access your Kodi software 

  • Click on “Add-ons”

  • You need to choose your favorite add-on from the Video Add-ons option.

  • Click on Tools option from Kodi software.

  • Then click on Settings General

  • Please select the Playback option from the Settings.

  • Click on Hosters with Captchas and enable the feature “Turn off”.

The above steps will disable the option “Hosters with Captchas” and avoid server issues that are related to Vshare EU pair.

Method 4: Pair Firestick

You can follow the below-provided steps to pair https://Vshare EU website IP address with your Firestick IP address (Kodi software). You can follow these steps on Fire TV Cube, Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, or whatever.

Please access your Kodi software through your Firestick. From the Video Addon option, you can try to watch any video or TV shows. But you will get an error “Stream Authorization” and your selected video will not play.


Now, access the website https://vshare.EU/pair by opening a new window. Please make a note of your Firestick IP address to pair with Enable the option “I am Not a Robot” and follow the captcha. After enabling the option “Active Streaming” and now your VShare EU Pair IP address will be successfully paired with your device IP address.

You can also your mobile device (but ensure that you are connecting to the same wireless connection in which the Firestick was (connected) and browser the URL Vshare EU pair in the address bar to pair the device successfully.

If you are still experiencing a similar issue ( error) even after following the above-suggested steps then there are other four more reasons to receive this error message. Please find below the following reasons and how to fix them. They are: This site Could Not Be Reached (Server error), This website is Temporarily Blocked error, Page Not Found Error, and Opening The Unwanted Windows While Click on the Active Streaming Option

This site Could Not Be Reached

You will receive this error due to the connection issue of your device with the server. Please check your device’s internet connection and restart it. Most of the issues will be resolved by restarting the device. Now, you can enjoy your TV shows or videos without any issues.

This website is Temporarily Blocked

– You will receive this error if your device IP address caught or detected in the restricted location. To overcome this situation, you need to use a VPN service.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) has the ability to change the current IP address of your computer and provide a new IP address from the connected VPN server. For Example, if you are in India and connected to a VPN server in the US then your computer will show the US IP address instead of your current IP address. This enables you to access the Vshare EU Pair service from outside of your current location or in any restriction region as well.

Page Not Found Error

You will receive this error message if you are trying to access the site with an incorrect web URL. Please confirm both Video Share website address and Vshare server address are the same while paring your device IP address to avoid this issue.

Automatically Opening The Unwanted Windows

To overcome this issue, please turn on the option “Enable the Adblocker”. You will not receive any kind of advertisements (ads) after enabling this feature and pair your device with the Vshare EU pair website. Now, you can enjoy your TV shows or videos without any issues.

We suggest you use a VPN service or enter the correct web IRL to pair your device IP address to the Vshare EU pair website. Sometimes the pairing website might also change the web URL depending upon their requirements. Hence, we request you to check the working website to fetch the correct URL and follow the above-provided steps to pair your device IP address. The website will be updated frequently.


We are happy to inform you that the above-provided information helps you to understand more about a usage, how to pair the devices with the Vshare EU Pair website, and how to troubleshoot the error message.